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Thank you for a wonderful experience and for your love and dedication to our home. You turned and overwhelming project for me and made the entire renovation and amazing experience. 

I must admit, I was overwhelmed on all of the decisions that needed to be made going into the project. The fact that you could so accurately capture the style and design I had in mind, speaks to your creativity, professionalism and mastery of design concepts. I am not exaggerating when I say that consulting with you was one of the best decisions I made going forward with this project. What impressed me the most was your sensitivity as a designer. Yu took the time to understand what we liked and did not like, and how to mix design and functionality for each space of our new remodeled home. You worked very hard and had a lot of experience with various clients to get the product I wanted and still remain within my budget. Your attention to detail was phenomenal. Jean was able to catch things and make recommendations that builders did not see.

When the project was completed, I had one day to put our house back together before 200 people arrived for a celebration. Jean did an amazing job blending my old and new furniture and décor within five hours. We feel truly privileged to have been able to have Jean Petrick design our home!

– Carla G., Tomahawk, WI

My husband and I can’t say enough about Jean and her ability to put a house together with a designer’s touch. We started with Jean from scratch .  She helped with every aspect of decision making of our new build. Jean took us all the way through the process of choosing outside colors, roof shingles, window color and design to all things indoors. Jean guided us through all the decisions regarding paint, stain, stone, tile, wood flooring, counter-tops , hardware,  light fixtures, furniture, rugs, bedding and even to the final touches of coordinating couch pillows, wall art and book shelf decorations. 

Jean truly has an eye for detail . She has a natural ability of knowing just how to mix textures, patterns, and colors to achieve the desired result. All you have to do is give her an idea of what you like and she will get you there. My best advice would be to just trust her judgment. Jean knows what she is doing. Just let her do it. She is  a gifted designer, and you are paying her for her talent.  So why waste your time second guessing her? You will be so pleased with the end result!

We would hire her again in a heartbeat!

– Joanne E.

I can’t express how happy I am with how my remodel project turned out. Not being onsite to make all the decisions that were necessary to keep the project on schedule and on budget would have not been possible with out Jean’s expertise and attention to detail. Remodeling 3 bathrooms, changing all the flooring and wall colors in the entire cabin and finishing almost a month early is unheard of! What I appreciated even more was her ability to see my vision for the place and make sure I got what I wanted!!

– David D.

Time takes its toll on buildings and our church was no exception. Although the people at Calvary are warm and inviting, our building no longer was inviting – it was tired. Our church building needed and “extreme makeover” – but how do you remodel and renovate a church? How could you possibly please all the different people in a church?

The proof is in the final product. Jean did a fabulous job in every phase of the project, picking just the right color and putting together an overall plan that really came together well. She worked with contractors as we took out a wall, replaced lights, repainted the walls, stained the beams on the ceiling, put highlights around the cross, replaced the carpeting, put in new chairs, installed window treatments – and so much more! Jean has a keen eye for detail and so often, the details are the difference between an acceptable job and one that everyone loves. Everyone (remember all the different people in the church?) loves the new look at Calvary. We now have church building that matches the people in our church – warm, beautiful and inviting that makes a good first impression on our guests and one that will inspire worship of Jesus Christ for years to come.

In our experience, we discovered that Jean was easy to work with, listened, and took the time to understand the project (and the heart of our church). We would highly recommend her for any project – but as a church, we would especially recommend her to provide the expertise necessary to make a house of worship look amazing again.

-Pastor Rod A., Rhinelander, WI

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jean when building and decorating our new house. I found her to be very good at what she does and was extremely pleased with her ideas, her patience with me, her friendliness, her quick responses, her competence, and how well everything she suggested and did turned out. I’ve received many complements from friends, relatives, and visitors about the exceptional way our home is decorated and I highly recommend her services. I guarantee that you, too, will enjoy working with her and will be pleased with the way she conducts herself and with the work that she does.

-Donna A., Rhinelander, WI

Working with Jean was a great pleasure. She is a true professional exemplifying the art and science of interior design. Her creative instincts coupled with the insight she had while taking in my suggestions and turning them into an interior design that matched the house, the wooded lake side setting, and my existing eclectic collection of furniture and art that resulted is a masterpiece of home decor. Jean harmonized my family with our surrounding environment,  or what the Chinese call Feng Shui.

-John S., Rhinelander, WI

I have worked with Jean for two projects. The first was a basement music studio. Jean’s imagination helped to transform the space from a jumbled storage area to a cool looking room used for hanging out, eating, and playing music. She gave us the option of several color palettes with ideas for carpeting, wall color, etc. Jean also helped with some graphic design for walls which was an inexpensive way to bring some life into the room. Jean also recently helped us with our home remodel. She did a great job listening to what we wanted and then putting together ideas that would work for our space. She saved us a lot of time by coordinating samples and visiting stores and online sites. Jeans also used her designer discount at several retailers to help keep our costs down. I am very happy with how our project turned out!

– Mary P., Rhinelander, WI

Jean is a gifted designer. Her results are subtle yet impactful; artful, yet practical. Her client centered approach produces outcomes that feel natural.

-Deb K., Rhinelander, WI

Jean knew exactly what color to go with to ‘cozy up’ the natural woodwork and accentuate the large windows in our living room. I love it!

-Molly G, Rhinelander, WI

I am so grateful to have found Jean Petrick and Imagine this Design! I was having difficulty bringing my home and office interior design vision to full life until Jean brought her expertise to my projects. She took the time to get to know me and truly understand my vision for the interior design of my home and office and, without in-depth direction from me (as my busy schedule does not allow), expertly transformed both spaces into inviting and unique-to-me dwellings. She is a true professional, delivering projects on time and on-budget, that has a deep passion for her art and it show in her work. I’ve received many complements on my home and office design and would recommend  Jean and Imagine This Design to anyone struggling with bringing their interior design projects to life. We even enlisted her expertise when designing the interior of our Airstream camper! I can honestly say that I now have a home, office, and recreation space that I am proud to share with my family, friends, and business associates. Than you, Jean! You have proven yourself to be invaluable to my family and business!

-Ashly L.H., Rhinelander, WI

When building a new home, there is a myriad of decisions that need to be made regarding color and style. Having Jean help with the organization and implementation of some of those decisions was very useful in getting our project under way. Thanks Jean!

– William N., Rhinelander, WI

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